Thursday, February 11, 2010


So it's time to share some details. We are leaving on May 17th, at 7:20 from Spokane. We will arrive in Minneapolis right about 12:10 and leave there at 3:00. We arrive at Ronald Regan National Airport at 6:26!! Of course that's DC time so it's really only 3:26 our time.

We'll stay at Capitol Skyline Hotel ( for 7 nights.

Then on May 24th, we head out of Ronald Regan National Airport at 9:45 and layover in Chicago at 10:55. We leave about an hour later and land in Spokane at 1:51.

Those are the details so far. I'll worry about what we'll do when we get there in a few days...or weeks...however long it takes for me to get out of this panic mode.

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