Saturday, January 30, 2010

Washington DC

So for the first time in my adult life, I've decided to take a vacation. I am set on Washington DC. So, true to form, I started cautiously planning my trip, always allowing myself an out. Don't tell too many people and don't put any money into the trip.

I did tell a few people and every one of them asked the same question "Who are you going with?" Why do people assume you have to have a vaction with another person. I live alone, I do plenty on my own, why should this be any different. So I planned on going alone. But then (organ music in the background) I talked to my Mom. She suggested I ask my 10-year old nephew Julian. I brushed her off (Sure Mom, I'll think about it). But then I did think about it...and I got excited!

How cool would it be to take him with me? How much fun would he have! And then I could take pictures of a person, not just the buildings. Tentatively, I asked my sister if she'd let her oldest son go with me. I expected her to say no, but she surprised me and said yes! I'll tell you all about his response in my next post!

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